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What is the New College Education System?

This system is the college level General Education Development (GED) program for working adults who were not able get a college degree through the traditional way. Interested candidates may qualify for the award of the equivalent academic degrees if they comply with the Areas of Study requirements of the degree.

This degree can only be validated by the schools with the United States Department of Education NCES School ID Number, or the accredited Professional Curriculum Evaluators of the International Center for Academic Evaluation & Accreditation (ICAE), or the American Council on Education (ACE). The following categories are:

1. Validated Homeschooling or Independent Study combined with traditional schooling.

2. Completion of at least 120.0 semester units from several regionally and nationally accredited colleges and universities, but were not awarded a degree due to lack of campus residency or due to the school curriculum policy of a particular institution.

3.Completion of seventy percent accredited, formal academic credits plus thirty percent practical/apprenticeship or Professional Work Experience validated through Course Evaluation & Assessment Examinations.

4. Professional Work Experience validated through Course Evaluation and Assessment Examinations. Three years of validated professional work experience is equal to one year full time university academic credits. This degree is valid for employment and U.S. Immigration Visas only under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and the H1B Visas for all countries. The degree in this fourth category can not be used as a prerequisite to enroll in any graduate and postgraduate degree programs.



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