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Question: Why do I need to have my foreign academic credentials be evaluated?

Answer: U.S. equivalent credentials are needed by all government institutions for licensure and employment purposes.

Question: How long will it take to evaluate my credentials?

Answer: One to ten business days.

Question: Is your institution duly licensed to do academic credentials evaluation?

Answer: We are duly licensed and recognized by the U.S. Government to do credential evaluation.

Question: Is your institution a member of the U.S. Department of Education recognized Higher Education Organizations?

Answer: We are an organizational member of the Association of International Education Administrators/Duke University, The European Association of International Education and the National Association of Foreign Student Advisors- Association of International Education.

Question: Are your evaluators qualified to do credential evaluations?

Answer: Our staff is composed of Doctorate, Master's and Baccalaureate degree holders.

Question: Are you accredited?

Answer: We have business accreditation from BBB for maintaining integrity, fairness and honesty in our business practices. We are also operating in compliance with the State of California Department of Education guidelines.
BBB Business Accreditation -

BBB Academic Advisory Board -


Question: Can I submit in person my documents?


Answer: We do not accept walk-in service.

Please mail your documents to:


California University

Foreign Credential Evaluations & Research

6556 Fountain Avenue,

Los Angeles, CA 90028

If you are living near the area, you may also drop off your documents in the mail box at the above address.



Question: How can I reach a live person or representative of your institution?


Answer: Please call (323) 464-5285 or (213) 447-3546. If the representative is away, please leave a message and your call will be returned within two hours.



Question: What documents do I need to submit?


Answer: Just one photo copy of your transcript of records, certificates, diploma or mark sheets. If you have all of these documents, please submit them together with your duly Accomplished Application form.



Question: Do I need to notarize my Application and documents?


Answer: There is no need to have them notarized.

Question: Do you translate my foreign credentials into English?

Answer: No, you must have it translated by a certified translator.

Question: Can I submit my application on-line?

Answer: Yes, you can. Just click the "On-Line Application" button on the left, fill in the application then click "Submit".


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